Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Treats, compliments of my Mom

Today, I'm not really sharing a recipe - more of an idea. My Mom (aka: "CandyGram") is the family candy-maker. Holidays and birthdays are not complete without her candy creations, many of which are her own original ideas. These adorable "Lover Bears" pictured above are chocolate-dipped "Berry Burst Ice Cream" Oreos, topped with a variety of candies such as gummy bears, jelly hearts, and heart Gobstoppers. Pretty Valentine sprinkles complete the treat. These are so cute for kids' Valentine parties! My Mom made a bunch of them for us to take to our homeschool co-op's Valentine party, and the kids (and moms) just loved them. For the pink ones, she used Golden Oreos (the dark Oreos don't dip very well in light colors - you get dark crumbs that mess up the appearance).

I asked her where she got all the candies and sprinkles.... the sprinkles were mostly purchased at local craft shops like AC Moore or Michael's. She also found some at our local cake and candy supply shop. The pink and brown melting chocolate wafers were purchased at AC Moore. The gummy bears were found at Wegman's, and the other candies were purchased at a CVS drug store.

Recently, the kids and I took a trip to Disney, so my Mom made these Mickey and Minnie Valentine treats to celebrate our Disney experience! She used melting chocolate wafers for the heads (she trimmed the one side so it would lie flat), and Spring Mix M & M's for the ears. She painted the bow on Minnie's head with melted white chocolate.

Another favorite that always rounds out the candy tray.... chocolate-covered pretzels. For Valentine's Day, she used white chocolate and some large red crystal sugar sprinkles.

These are usually the first to disappear from the candy dish... you know, it's that "sweet and salty" fix! They are so simple and pretty.

I figured this weekend is when moms will be looking for ideas for their kids' Valentine school parties. Hopefully, this will give you some inspiration. Thanks Mom!


  1. these look so good
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  2. Hi thank you for visiting the wednesday baker, and for following along with me. Well, I will be more than glad to do the same. Mom's little treats are very cute. Sorry to hear about your hubby. He's looking down saying wish I had some of those goodies. My huband and myself were just in PA in Dec. My brother got sick and ended up in Hershey Hospital we spend 4 days with him. He was a truck driver along the east coast. He's back in Florida recovering. Happy cooking and baking Andi

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  4. They look so cute! Love the Disney ones. And I love Golden Oreos!


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